Of course I never really thought I would get this, but then I got a look at it and I realized that this was one heck of a project. Me and three other guys were interested in it and we were all joking about how much money and time a man could sink into this thing. One guy was saying that he would have to find a place with a train horn for sale and I looked at it and realized that some guy had ripped off the horns. You could see where they had been. Of course the likelihood is that they cannibalized this fire trucks for parts after it was out of use. It has apparently been sitting in the corner of the county garage for close to three decades. Continue Reading »


Are you a toy train enthusiast? Well if you are, then you are in luck. You can get all of the toy train parts you need online. There is a ton of different online retailers that sell toy train parts online. One of the key parts of a toy train is the train horn. It is one of the most recognizable parts and sounds of a train. Because of this, it is very important that you get a high quality train horn for your project. This is one of the hard parts, is finding an online retailer that sells a good product. This article will help explain ways that you will be able to tell if a company is good or not.

So, the first and biggest thing that you need to look at is how good or bad the company’s online reputation is. Continue Reading »


Seattle Hotels Near the Clipper Ship Dock | eHow.comThe first crafts made to explore the rest of the world floated on water. Animals and carts took humans to land’s end. Man wanted to go farther so he found a way to float from one place to the next. Imagine the first humans who ventured out on a piece of wood into deeper waters to catch dinner that was just offshore. On clear days the inhabitants of one shore may have seen another shore off in the distance surrounded by water. Curiosity got the better of them and they found a way to navigate a floating craft there. And just as each year’s automobiles get more features, so did those boats of long ago.

Now we have floating cities in the form of US Navy Aircraft Carriers. Ships and submarines are now nuclear powered. A submarine can desalinate water and scrub the atmosphere of carbon dioxide. Continue Reading »


THE MODEL SHIP IS 60If you are a maritime enthusiast, clipper ships have probably been of interest to you for quite a while. However, there could be a lot that you do not know about these vessels, which have been around for more than one hundred and fifty years. Read on to discover why these ships used to be so popular and why there is so much interest in them still.

When the clipper ship was created, it was the fastest ship ever made. Not only that, but it was huge; it contained more sails than any other and was more than 15 stories high. Efficient vessels had the ability to cover 2000 miles in a five day span, whereas ships before that barely reached 150 miles in a day. This meant that the ships’ owners and captains had the ability to earn much more money.

The speed of a clipper ship was often a matter of pride for the crew of the vessel, which could number anywhere from 25 to 50 people (depending on the size of the ship). Captains would race one another for bragging rights. The winner was considered to be the quickest of all the vessels until the next race; if the ship lost, another ship took the glory.

Eventually, though, the steamship was invented and it was quickly discovered that this vessel could exceed the clipper ship when it came to speed. Before long, clipper ships were no longer used in their former capacity. However, it is still possible to find clipper ships today. They can be rented for luxury cruises or just for a quick trip out into the sea.

One of the reasons that so many remain fascinated with the clipper ship is due to its sheer size and its beauty. There is truly nothing like it.